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The Pathlight Centre will turn 10 come January 2018!!

Everywhere I look, there are stark reminders that the year is coming to an end. I am just getting used to typing “2017” and suddenly 2018 is knocking on the door already.

So we were sitting around goofing off and bantering as usual after hours to decompress and it dawned on us that come 2018, we have reached another landmark point.

The Pathlight Centre will turn 10 come January 2018!!

We would have been running our flagship 5-PATH Hypnotherapy Certification Course for the 10th year. 40 odd batches and about 220 graduates later….we are still at it.

We just got news that after spending a week in Texas with Cal Banyan…braving 30 hours travel both ways, a couple of storms and lack of familiar food, our associate Nancy Wong has passed all required tests and is now a qualified Banyan CPHI (Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor).

Good things come in pairs indeed.

The addition of another trainer means that we are stretching our reach further but we have not neglected our home base, Singapore.

Since we are feeling all nostalgic and reminiscing the 10 years, we decided to go foolish and offer our flagship Hypnotherapy Certification and training at the ORIGINAL 2008 published fee!

That’s right you get the experience of 3 qualified hypnosis trainers (25 years or more altogether) at just SGD3800 just like we offered 10 years ago!!

This rate is applicable to classes we will be running in 2018 and when you do a full payment upon signing up. You have up to 31st December to enjoy a whopping $1000 off our 2018 course fee. This fee is limited to classes conducted in Singapore for 2018 only.

Limited to only first 10 sign ups before 31st December.

So hurry….give us a holler at +65 91868062(Nancy) or or click here to drop us a message.

You are not getting another offer like this….hmmm…maybe our 20th Anniversary.

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