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Principal Trainer & Therapist

Pete’s background is in Neuro-Linguistic Programming; he has helped hundreds of clients let go of old issues and bring out the best versions of themselves in their career, relationships and life. He made a name and a career for himself using expansive knowledge and skill in NLP, hypnosis (5 Path ® Hypnotherapy, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis), personal and organizational development in training, coaching, consulting and therapy.

Coupled with years of hands on coaching, therapy and teaching experience, the breadth of Pete’s skills enables him to bring unique dimensions of NLP learning, to integrate and weave them into hypnotherapy teachings. His unique way of teachings never fails to amaze his graduates as it opened doors to other possibilities in their careers and bringing their self-awareness into the next level, even though they are here to learn about the application of NLP or Hypnotherapy.

Pete is also former army veteran who served for over 7 years and as a result, gained an invaluable insight into human strength. Since leaving the army he has started several million-dollar businesses. He is a successful independent head-hunter for over 10 years and has gained an appreciation and aptitude for facilitating behavioural change and attitude adjustment at various organizational levels. He has consulted on transition management in HR projects for merger and acquisition focusing on communication challenges, negotiation and team-building.

His passion lies with NLP & Hypnotherapy trainings, performance coaching and hypnosis. He naturally gravitates towards personality and behavioural profiling and framing. Being exposed to tools such as the MBTI, Hypnotherapy, DISC and NLP Metaprograms, he found the use of Enneagram and Extended-DISC useful for bringing awareness, creating insights and formulating actions.

Pete has trained and coached with Asia-Pacific Brewery, Singapore Armed Forces, NUSS, Citi Group, RWS, Prudential Singapore, P&G just to name a few. Apart from his training, hypnosis and coaching engagements at The Pathlight Centre, Pete also works with hundreds of people in his capacity as the former Head Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Through all these avenues, he fulfils his mission of helping people discover a higher and more peaceful purpose within themselves.

Pete Tan: Team Members
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