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Relationships and Marriage

Relationship problems may start to interfere with daily life or when partners are unsure about continuing the relationship.

Anger Management

Anger can alienate us from people; it can lead us to do things we regret. It can be also be triggered by a present situation reminds us unconsciously of a past experience.

Stress Management

When the stress of life leads to physical pain, lost sleep, absence of pleasure in life, loss in weight, then it’s time to get help.

Child Behaviour Issues

Many children need help dealing with school stress, such as homework, test anxiety, bullying, or peer pressure and also family issues.

Unresolved Guilt

Guilt is usually understood to involve negative feelings about an act one has committed. These feelings often are expressed secretly and can lead to ‘baggage’.

Removing Fears

Do you have a deep fear of public speaking, snakes, relationships or anything in life? Therapy can address these issues by changing the way you look at these issues.

What People say?

The therapist is phenomenal and i cannot thank her enough…

I feel positive and so hopeful towards the solution to my smoking problem and indeed hypnotherapy has absolutely helped me on this. Having tried every other method to quit smoking, I can say with confidence that this is the closest I have come to feel that I can actually quit. The therapist is phenomenal and I cannot thank her enough for her help and guidance in getting me back to a healthier life, one that I have been trying so hard to reclaim for so long.

Therapy Client

I see a change in opening up, …

… a great difference in handling myself and others and I feel that I can achieve my aims and goals with meanings. I would recommend hypnotherapy sessions to others because besides being personal with the therapist, I am able to understand the deeper problems with myself that I don’t wish others to know. The sessions taught me to understand, and realize what my fears are and learn to accept and handle the situation better.

Therapy Client

The sessions helped to break through old/complex issues in a quick way…

I feel more positive, calm and happy, increased in self-confidence, increased in motivation to make big changes that would improve life, marriage and relationship with others. The sessions helped to break through old/complex issues in a quick way, which would benefit many people that would otherwise feel stuck or unable to make the changes they need. The therapist conducted herself in a very professional, yet caring manner. I felt comfortable in working through my issues with her.

Therapy Client

The sessions helped me ease my anxiety and also gain maturity.

It brings calmness and a peaceful state of mind which many people will benefit from by taking a step back in life. The therapist I worked with is really good and friendly. She helped me learn from my past and grow as a person.

Therapy Client

I felt great after the session…

The purpose of my visit was to reset my “mental” approach and create a better path for the first few days of the year. I felt GREAT after the session and each session has a clear objective and we met them. Hypnotherapy should not be considered as ‘alternative’ but mainstream. There are great direct results that one can benefit. If the mind is such a wonder of the universe, then working on the mind is an amazing process.

Keith H
Therapy Client

What is Hypnotherapy?