NLP Practitioner Certification

Achieve Peak Performance, Gain Deep Self-Understanding, Attain Career
Advantages And Read People Like An Open Book.

Upcoming Certification Course in 2018

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If you want to gain the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) to improve the quality of your life and influence others in powerful ways, then you’ve come to right place. Our NLP Practitioner Certification course will open a door to a whole new world for you.

The Benefits Of Being A Certified NLP Practitioner


Learning NLP does more than just motivate you. It provides you the tools to keep yourself at that peak state you desired whenever and wherever you want.

NLP explores how we think and feel, and examines the “inner” language we use to represent our experiences. It also studies what we know about human interaction and human achievement, and uses that knowledge to “model” excellence in every walk of life.

The theories and techniques of NLP will help you to discover what makes some people excel in their lives, and gives you the practical tools to do the same.

This certification allows you to gain valuable insights, find the mind muscles that you had but never knew, and control the keys to unlocking your potential.

NLP is valuable in business, consulting, therapy, management, health professions, sports, parenting, creative pursuits, education, training and development, sales, negotiation and even writing.

NLP Course Outline

1.   History of NLP
2.   Pillars of Neuro Linguistic Programming
3.   Neuro Linguistic Programming Presuppositions
4.   Power of Personal Values
5.   How to Make Beliefs work for you
6.   You Cannot Not Build Instant Rapport
7.   Neuro-Linguistic Programming Communication Model
8.   Secrets of Well-formed Outcome Thinking
9.   Success Programming
10. Peak Performance States and Application
11. Instant Feel Good Strategy
12. Rapid “Flow” Induction
13. Experience Coding – How we make sense of the world>
14. Heightening and Calibration of Senses
15. More than Words, Feelings and What Meets the Eye
16. Inflexibly Flexible – a Creative Process
17. Intra-personal Communication
18. Change – Facilitating and Keeping it
19. NLP Applications in Business – Sales, Negotiation, Team-building, etc
20. NLP Applications in Personal Development – Goal-setting, Motivation, Alignment, etc
21. NLP Applications in Relationship – Influence, Charisma, Love, etc

About The Trainers

Our trainers have been teaching NLP professionally for many years and are considered to be the top NLP trainers in Singapore. You’ll receive the best training you can get in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the past few years we’ve coached, trained and certified hundreds of NLP practitioners who can vouch for the quality of our training.

Pete Tan

Master Hypnotherapy NLP Trainer, Co-Founder, The Pathlight Centre

The NLP Certification Course is conducted by Pete Tan, one of Singapore’s top NLP trainers. Pete is a licensed Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP, accumulating a total of more than 10,000 hours of coaching experience since 2005. He is NGH certified (National Guild of Hypnosis, USA) to perform hypnotherapy, is a 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher, an NGH Certified Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Instructor and was personally trained by Cal Banyan, founder of 5-PATH to teach and train 5-PATH and 7th Path.

His passion lies with performance coaching and hypnosis. He is one of Singapore’s leading coaches for children, sales professionals and business owners. His coaching style is unique and humorous and he leaves a lasting impression on anyone he comes in contact with.

Apart from his training, hypnosis and coaching engagements at The Pathlight Centre, Pete also works with hundreds of people in his capacity as the former Head Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Through all these avenues, he fulfills his mission of helping people discover a higher and more peaceful purpose within themselves.

Tze Meng

Tze Meng is passionate in what he does, championing each individual and organization in their growth. He believes in the unlimited potential existing in all his clients.

He is a certified coach, he walks the journey with his clients towards their goals, picking up gems, insights and learning along the way. He is a certified master practitioner in NLP and hypnotherapist. These are the empowerment he possesses to help clients with deep rooted issues and challenges.

Tze Meng is also a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a NGH-Certified (National Guild of Hypnosis, USA) Hypnotherapist, 5-PATH® Master Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher, all of which enable him to guide his clients to resolve deep rooted issues and challenges and move on in their lives empowered.

With his varied skills and experience in Corporate, Business, Information Technology, Construction, Telecommunications, Project Management, Training and Development, Tze Meng has integrated his knowledge into the training and coaching that he conducts, fulfilling his mission of championing the growth and unleashing the potential in all those whom he crosses path with.

What Our Students Say

Pete is a superior and effective trainer

His true ability lies in linking theories to practise, making what he shares practical to use in everyday life. His “out-of-box” training style gives me great awareness and insights to make powerful changes in my life. I would surely recommend his courses to you if you are looking for something dynamic to apply in your life effectively and wonderfully!

Shawn Soo
January 2009 Batch

Learn a new way or rather a different way of looking at things and situations

I feel I even view myself differently from before. Becoming more aware about how I communicate and also how others communicate. The knowledge the trainer has about different areas, keeps motivating me to come back and learn more and more. I would use the techniques on myself and my clients.

Suparna Kapoor
April 2011 Batch

I have wonderful time learning…

I was constantly having doubts about my own capability to achieve the goals I have in my life before this course. I wanted to learn some skills that could boost my self-confidence and I heard of many NLP strategies and tools that could do that. Amazingly, thanks to the excellent trainer and coordinator of this course; I have wonderful time learning and I gained much more than I expected from this course. I apply whatever I learn during the course to my daily life, work, investment and even my relationship and I see results.

Tan Yeow Khoon, R&D Engineer
January 2009 Batch

This Workshop Will Definitely Benefit Anyone…

The lecturer is simple and straight forward, he not only answer and clarify the question I have but also made me understood and know what I knew not.  I feel and gain confidence in whatever I am doing. I enjoy even more of what I do and feel that I am in control in all of it.

This workshop will definitely benefit anyone, anyone who wants to achieve, deal or change anything they want.

Fazdli Jamal, Clinical Instructor & Hypnotherapist
July 2011 Batch

The Important Thing Is That It Works For Me

Pete is highly experienced. It will take a while to get used to his style. The important thing is that it works for me. Now I feel I can use some of the techniques on myself and others with ease. I am able to respond more spontaneously, feel more at ease at ‘just do it’ attitude.

Thomas Handojo
July 2011 Batch