NLP Master Practitioner Certification

The prerequisite for the NLP Master Practitioner Certification is the NLP Practitioner Certification.
An NLP Practitioner should also attend a bridging course before embarking on the NLP Master Accreditation.
The NLP Master Practitioner course lasts for 10 full days from 9:30AM to 6:30PM.

Benefits Of NLP Master Practitioner Certification


The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) Master Practitioner Certification does beyond you empowering yourself to be in the peak state, this certification provides the insights into advanced and powerful techniques.

You will be aware and able to harness the power of words and the power of intent. Team managers will be more effective and efficient in boosting the performance of team members. People managers find themselves having more useful tools in their toolkit and be able to reach out to people easily and comfortably. Education providers are able to enhance learning in accordance to how knowledge is being received.

Course Outline

Advanced Language Patterns

• Frame Mastery
• Basic Hypnotic Inductions
• Advanced Inductions
• Unconscious Communication
• Secrets of Communicating with Unconscious Mind
• Semantic Density
• Clean Language
• Power Words

Advanced Sub-Modalities

• Advanced Driver Utilization
• NLP Blinking: Intuition
• Enhancing – A ‘Thin-slicing’
• Approach to Sub-modalities
• Input, Output & Out-of Conscious System
• Designer SWISH
• Full Spectrum Squash
• Command Module: Lead System Crossover

Advanced Sensory Calibration

• Awareness Expansion
• Energy Calibration of Space, Time and Emotions
• Utilizing morphogenetic field
• Thin-slicing
• Calibrating Flow

Advanced Intervention

• Techniques
• Nested Loop
• Therapy Metaphorically
• Timeline and other Age
• Regression Techniques
• Logical Level Realignment Using Symbols
• Provocation and Confusion in Intervention
• De-sensitizing: NLP and Beyond
• Satir Categories and Applications in NLP
• Single Binding
• Gestalt-based Techniques

Creating Magick

• Integration of Learning
• Unconscious Installation
• Multi-level Communication
• Automatic Bullshit Detector
• Irresistibility Quotient
• Instant Soulmate Stimulator
• Feel Good for No Good Reason
• You Can NOW Pick Locks…only Practitioners need Keys

Unified Field Theory Of NLP

• Unlock, Code and Design any
• NLP Techniques

Modelling Excellence

• Illicit and Code effective strategies of Role-models in any field
• Integrate and Installation of such strategies

  • "The Important Thing Is That It Works For Me."

    Pete is highly experienced. It will take a while to get used to his style. The important thing is that it works for me. Now I feel I can use some of the techniques on myself and others with ease. I am able to respond more spontaneously, feel more at ease at ‘just do it’ attitude.

  • "I Thoroughly Enjoyed This Course..."

    The change I observed in myself is more careful and selective on choice of words used and self- awareness. Pete Tan ensured all participants are well-informed, excellent and unique teaching style. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and all facilitators whom have been very kind and patience in assisting the class.  

  • "This NLP course has opened another new dimension for me..."

    I realised now I am more versatile in my communication skills, I build instant rapport easily with people from all walks of life. Most importantly, now I know I possess such useful tools that I can easily tap on to create permanent changes I want in my life."