Having The Right attitude

As a professional hypnotist, it is up to you to have the perfect attitude portrayed to your clients. They are coming to you for help and want to know that they are in good hands. With the right kind of personality in your professional environment, you can greatly improve your chances of successfully helping a client, given that they will believe you are the perfect person for the job and have unstoppable confidence in your abilities.

Be Likable!

Every single piece of research that has been done has shown that one of the best determining factors when it comes to the success that the client will have is whether or not they like the hypnotist as a person. Be likable! when you are, your clients are going to love coming back to see you and they’ll also love giving you referrals as well. Be cordial and never argue with your clients, keeping a positive attitude at all times. This single thing will go a long way with you and make sure that the clients not only like you, but actually have better sessions since they will feel like they are in good hands.

Project Unstoppable Confidence 

From the very first time that you meet a client, they should feel like you are going to be the ideal person to help them with their problems. They should have a constant stream of signals showing them that you are the perfect fit, with the best source of this being the confidence that you display towards them when you are meeting with them.

One thing that hypnotists in training are always reminded of is that “hypnosis is a game of confidence.” Without having confidence in you, there is no game to play, though. Fortunately for you, this is one thing that you have a lot of control over if you know what you are doing. Anytime your client asks a question, you should confidently answer them and let them know that you know for a fact that you can help them. Never hesitate to tell them that whatever they are having issues with won’t be a problem for you. You are, after all, a professional. You should be presenting yourself as such at every chance you get.

Think about saying things like: ”Of course! We deal with that kind of problem all the time.” This lets them know that you are in control and that you are confident you’ll be capable of anything. These are simply routine issues you are working on, right?

With these two things in mind, you’ll greatly increase your clients’ confidence in you, thereby increasing your chances of success. The more they believe in you, the more they will believe in the kinds of changes that they can make to themselves. By simply being likable and having the right amount of confidence, you’ll be much better off once you start building an actual relationship with the client.