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National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Course

Upcoming Certification Course in 2020

Mar/Apr/May (Weekend intake – Saturdays and Sundays)
Course duration: 10 days : 28, 29 March, 4, 5, 18, 19, 25, 26 April, 2, 3 May 2020

July (Weekday intake – Mondays to Fridays)
Course duration: 10 days : 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 July 2020



The Benefits Of Becoming A Hypnotherapist

You get to help people. Making people better makes you feel really good inside and makes working as a hypnotherapist a very fulfilling profession.

You get to be self-employed. You can work as a self-employed hypnotherapist and be your own boss. This means you make up the rules at work and work at a place you are comfortable with.

You can work wherever you want to. You can have an office of your own or you can work from home. Our office space has therapy rooms for you to use for your clients.

Choose who you work with. It means, you work with clients and you truly want to help and heal.

You can earn more than $150 an hour. As a newly certified therapist, you can earn more than $150 an hour. Start asking for more once you are more confident of your abilities. Some of the experienced hypnotherapists charge $300 an hour.

You also control your income. Market yourself and book more appointments. Fill up the extra space in your week with appointments. Share the benefits of Hypnotherapy with all you meet and you’ll attract more clients. It’s all up to you.

What Techniques Will I Learn?

The system we teach is called Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis, or 5-PATH®. Our curriculum includes these major hypnosis topics:

  • How to prepare your clients for hypnosis.
  • How to do instant and rapid inductions.
  • How to turn each client into an excellent hypnotic subject.
  • How to use convincers and testing to get maximum results.
  • How to use techniques that make hypnotic suggestion much more powerful.
  • How to reliably conduct age regression sessions that get results.
  • How to do hypnotic forgiveness therapies (also called chair therapy).
  • How to do Parts Mediation Therapy.
  • How to set up an office that encourages your clients to get results and make referrals.
  • How to work with medical professionals and get referrals.
  • How to reduce “no shows” and how to get paid for missed appointments.
  • How to build your business without investing a lot of money.

With over 100 hours of practical application and experiential learning, you can be sure that you will acquire all these techniques in a unique, active environment.


You will be certified and able to utilize some of the most powerful tools used among the most advanced hypnotists, including Direct Suggestion, Age Regression, Forgiveness Therapy and Parts Mediation Therapy, applied together in a systematic, reliable and highly effective process.

All of the following 4 certificates are recognized in various countries. Using these certificates you can practice hypnotherapy in many countries.

• 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnotherapy Certificate
• 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher Certificate
• Master Hypnotist Certificate
• National Guild of Hypnotist Recognition Certificate


come to learn from Pete and his team

Pete empowered me and the whole class the things we can do and made us shine in our practical sessions. Overall, Pete is effective in his training methods and I enjoy very much the 10 days I spent here at The Pathlight Centre with Pete and the facilitators. I also believe the facilitators have contributed a lot to the learnings. Their contributions had made this course much more practical. If someone likes theory, he can read books. But if he wants practical application or ever want to make this a career, come to learn from Pete and his team.

Jack Wong, Trainer
(Jan-Feb-Mar 2014 Weekend Batch)

many opportunities to practice our skills

I like the many opportunities to practice our skills in a practical manner during the course. The attentiveness of the instructors and facilitators were very useful in pointing out gems and opportunities during practices. I would like to embark on a career in hypnotherapy after this. I will definitely suggest this for my friends who are interested.

Alexis Ng
(Jul-Aug 2016 Weekend Batch)

this is the place to get your accreditation

Pete comes highly recommended and he knows what he is doing. He is very encouraging for someone whom just came into the hypnosis world. Nonrestrictive, everything is possible. However, there is a learning process. For anyone who wants to make a career as a hypnotherapist, this is the place to get your accreditation. I am confident of the knowledge I received from Pathlight. I am able to do hypnotherapy, and this is an added advantage for me when doing psychotherapy, because at times, talk therapy cannot get through certain issues.

Hilton Ho, Psychotherapist
(Jan-Feb-Mar 2014 Weekend Batch)

This course is enlightening

A therapeutic tool that can help others in need; an alternative approach to assisting those whom I know. Also, its good means to setup a business via this career. Personally, I am able to experience a different me, my temper has mellowed. I tend to observe more on others, while they are expressing their views / during discussions. I can work on my child and I have changed my approach towards managing their school works and developments.

Patrick Chan
(September 2013 Weekday Batch)

It has opened my world to a huge set of new possibilities …

I see this as an advancement to a side gig where I can focus on helping others.
Both, Pete and Nancy are very well qualified and eager to support candidates throughout and after the course.

Chintan Kamlesh Chande
(March-April 2019 Weekend Batch)

The instructor has a unique perspective on hypnosis and is highly insightful

His approach to conducting the course is efficient and highly effective. The course successfully equips students with the tools to deal with any given situation in a practical therapy setup. It has been extremely useful in understanding the framework for conducting effective therapy for clients utilizing hypnosis. I would encourage a course in hypnotherapy for anyone looking to broaden their scope in the field of therapy and social services.

Nisha Jhangiani, Hypnotherapist
(Jan-Feb-Mar 2013 Weekend Batch)

The instructor is phenomenal

The instructor is phenomenal, excellent and all the optimist comment that I could give. The reason having said that is because he empowered me with his experience and knowledge. After 10 days, I felt more and more confident in me to be competent and good hypnotherapist. Besides, Pete Tan the instructor, his ex-students, my seniors, Julieh and Lynn and others whose always be there for me for extra guidance.

Fazdli Jamal, Clinical Instructor & Hypnotherapist
(January 2011 Weekday Batch)

Through the practices of 7th Path, I manage to feel more emotionally liberated ….

and increases my confidence in using hypnosis to support others who are in my circles.
Nancy – very committed towards building our competency as hypnotherapists and very nurturing. Helpful in supporting us with her generosity to share her experiences and methods.
Pete – very skilled and learned in this topic. He lives the skills and able to provide us great insights to achieve better effects of what we have learned. Very nurturing and uniquely him.
My heart-felt thanks towards both.

Justin Ang, Trainer
(May-June 2018, Weekend Batch)

Instructors readily answer questions we have

Instructors readily answer questions we have with different situations in therapy, for example, handling different client personalities. They also shared their own experiences in therapy to give me an insight on the types of situations to expect, when doing my own therapy.

Many domains related to but not Hypnotherapy per se. eg other therapies and techniques such as EFT, CBT, Gestalt are discussed to broaden my understanding of the relevant disciplines that are closely associated to improve the effectiveness and credibility of Hypnotherapy as a practice. I will find it useful to ground and centre myself as part of daily life and to work with my clients.

Mark Lim
(Jul-Aug 2016 Weekend Batch)

Pete is very knowledgeable and experienced …

in his field of practice. He is able to teach us by giving lots of useful advice and real-life experiences. Nancy is able to give very constructive feedback and advice regarding our practices, making us improve. She also shared lots of real-life cases to help us understand further.
By answering my questions honestly and sharing lots of experience, the instructors also gave us confidence to go out and practice, changing our perception that we need many years of education or high-level certifications before we can do professional work.

Chew Kai Xin
(May-June 2019, Weekend Batch)

The instructors were professional in the way they deliver the content …

They are also very approachable and answered many of my questions. They also provided numerous appropriate examples from real-life cases they have worked on, making the class fun and interesting.

Jonathan Chu
(March-April 2019 Weekend Batch)

I Remembered All the Facts Without Even Realizing That I Learnt It!

I was totally shocked with Pete’s unique way of teaching! I remembered all the facts without even realizing that I learnt it! I find his style very effective and I enjoyed every second of the course. Pete can explain concepts or things and answer questions in the simplest way.

I was actually quite nervous at first, but he knows exactly how to motivate or build up our confidence differently for each of us. He prepared us hard for what we might face when working with actual paying clients. I’m glad I have found the right instructor for myself. This course has given me more confidence and money and I wholeheartedly recommend this course without any thoughts.

Suparna Kapoor, Personal Fitness Trainer & Hypnotherapist
(September 2010 Weekday Batch)

Pete and Nancy are great instructors.

Their delivery and teaching methods were both conventional and unconventional yet very effective. Both are very knowledgeable of hypnotherapy as well as NLP.

Shawna Steilen
(May-June 2019, Weekend Batch)

My confidence level increases …

and have more confidence in conducting my hypno-birthing class.
This course able to help me build my confidence and overcome my irrational fears which is very useful in my life.

Alicia Fang
(July-August 2019, Weekend batch)

fantastic reservoir of knowledge

Pete has a fantastic reservoir of knowledge on the subject. Being our instructor, I like how he delivers the program in an entertaining manner, showing the wealth of experience he has to further help us with understanding.  The techniques, like 5-Path is a fantastic method to help an individual overcome their issues. Of course with that said, the 7th Path is undoubtedly a great tool for renewal. This will help me overcome my own personal inhabitations and others.

Gosteloa Spancer, Deejay
(Mar-Apr 2014 Weekday Batch

Thumbs up! No regret!

The main reason I enjoyed and learnt so much from this course was Pete’s commitment to each of us. He has a very unique way of delivering the best throughout the 10 days training. He always has his best intention in mind, making sure everyone is able to get the best of the gems. I will definitely combine all these skills learnt with my numerology service. Now, not only have my client see how their numbers had influenced their life, they will also be able to travel inwards to discover and understand themselves better. Letting them know, they have all the resources they need within themselves.

Stanley Tan, Numerologist
(June 2013 Weekday Batch)

learnt how to resolve my own problems and be more positive

Not only did I learn techniques on how helping others to resolve their issues, I too learnt how to resolve my own problems and be more positive about the world and myself. Through this course, I gain better understanding of what hypnosis really is, improve my confidence as a person, hypnotherapist, and a future psychologist. And also the ability to offer help to people in need of emotional, physical and behavior change.

Joen Choi, Certified Hypnotherapist
(December 2013 Weekday Batch)

Unconventional, shocking but effective

You can see and feel Pete’s compassion through and through. After a few days and can finally catch up on all the reading (only 4 hours of sleep at night) it was easier to follow Pete in class. It was dynamic, extremely fun and amazingly enough that in only 10 days I am confident that I have learned enough to start seeing clients and as time go will be able to increase and sharpen my skills. Yes, I will suggest this course to others.

Noraini Bawazier, Director
(July 2011 Weekday Batch)

He’s the best trainer I’ve had!

This course is definitely helpful in terms of professional and personal development, especially 7th Path. I gained more understandings and insights about our emotions and the reasons why people react differently under the same situation. This leads to better understanding of ourselves and people around us. I enjoyed myself tremendously during these two weeks of trainings. Pete is so knowledgeable and well-read in this subject that he injected so much fun and positive learning attitude in us. We can feel his passion about hypnosis from the way he delivers the course. He’s the best trainer I’ve had!

Shann Tan, HR Personnel
(June 2014 Weekday Batch)

Well knowledge trainers …

who will share real-life experiences openly (Textbook vs Real life).
What I like are the useful techniques taught for life issues (to help others), and never underestimate brain power!
And 5-Path and 7th Path for me to help/support myself and future colleagues.

Bob Boon
(April 2018, Weekday Batch)

What will I be able to do after complete the course?

Most importantly you will be able a practice Certified Hypnotherapist right away.

You will be able to perform therapeutic hypnosis on self and other people around you. You will be ready to work with manage weight, stop smoking and stress problems for both individuals and groups. And you will be a master at understanding how people around you use their subconscious minds to control their lives.

You will be able  to expose and overcome subconscious issues in your clients.

You will be able utilize some of the most powerful tools used among the most advanced hypnotists, including Direct Suggestion, Age Regression, Forgiveness Therapy and Parts Mediation Therapy, applied together in a systematic, reliable and highly effective process.

You will also learn to teach 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, which is a series of self-hypnosis techniques that are designed to remove old blockages before attempting to give yourself suggestions.

Finally, you will be able to use these techniques in your daily life to achieve much more. The self-hypnosis secrets you learn will allow you to break through personal barriers and reach peak performance.

What to Consider When Choosing a Hypnotherapy Course?

Perhaps you’re considering attending our course or maybe another provider. Regardless of who you choose you here are the most important factors to consider when you're choosing a hypnotherapy course:

Personalised Training and Friendliness. It’s a big decision to take the time out and learn Hypnotherapy. We encourage you to visit or call the Pathlight Centre before you make a decision. We will be happy to get to know you personally and see how we can make your time with us fruitful as can be.

Training Curriculum. We give you a comprehensive training curriculum and provide you with proven templates, and scripts you need to learn to start your own successful and profitable practice.

Continuous Support. Practicing hypnotherapy can be tough, so you need all the support you can get. We have regular meetups, and our door is always open for guidance. We are here for you.

Certifications. There are various certificates that a hypnotherapist needs. At Pathlight Centre, you receive 4 different professional-grade and internationally recognised hypnotherapy certificates to give you a solid start to your practice.

About The Trainer: Pete Tan

Master Trainer in Hypnotherapy Training

Pete Tan has helped hundreds of clients let go of old issues and bring out the best versions of themselves in their career, relationships and life. He made a name and a career for himself using expansive knowledge and skill in NLP, hypnosis, personal and organizational development in training, coaching, consulting and therapy.

Pete is a former army veteran who served for over 7 years and as a result, gained an invaluable insight into human strength. Since leaving the army he has started several million-dollar businesses. He is a successful independent headhunter for over 10 years and has gained an appreciation and aptitude for facilitating behavioural change and attitude adjustment at various organizational levels. He has consulted on transition management in HR projects for merger and acquisition focusing on communication challenges, negotiation and team-building.

He naturally gravitates towards personality and behavioural profiling and framing. Being exposed to tools such as the MBTI, Hypnotherapy, DISC and NLP Metaprograms, he found the use of Enneagram and Extended-DISC useful for bringing awareness, creating insights and formulating actions.

He has trained and coached with Asia-Pacific Brewery, Singapore Armed Forces, NUSS, Citi Group, RWS, Prudential Singapore, P&G just to name a few.

His passion lies with performance coaching and hypnosis. He is one of Singapore’s leading coaches for children, sales professionals and business owners. His coaching style is unique and humorous and he leaves a lasting impression on anyone he comes in contact with.

Apart from his training, hypnosis and coaching engagements at The Pathlight Centre, Pete also works with hundreds of people in his capacity as the former Head Coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. Through all these avenues, he fulfills his mission of helping people discover a higher and more peaceful purpose within themselves