Feeling bored? Craving for a smoke constantly? Drinking excessively?
Excessive or compulsive gaming or snacking or shopping?
Trouble getting yourself out of these compulsive activities?

When you can’t seem to stop doing a compulsive act and it is affecting your daily life, you could have an addiction.
It could all begins with the feel bad & distract cycle.

You feel bad and hence you start distracting yourself by doing something else (smoking, gaming, shopping, etc) to relieve that bad feelings. There is nothing wrong with distraction but if the distraction gets out of hand, and you start losing control of your normal daily life, then yes, it has become a problem. It is difficult to break out of an addiction but it is not impossible, you just need a little help.

So, how can hypnotherapy help?

Working with us, we will be using hypnosis work to help you resolve the negative and distracting patterns so that you could regain control of your feelings. During which, you gain clarity about your addiction issues and learn to handle them more effectively. As a result, you will begin to feel more balanced, and regain your ability to handle your life in a more effective manner.

  • Take control of your feelings.
  • Resolve the root cause to your addiction issues
  • Imagine a life, feeling in healthy, in charged and control of yourself

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