Having The Right Attitude

Having The Right attitude

As a professional hypnotist, it is up to you to have the perfect attitude portrayed to your clients. They are coming to you for help and want to know that they are in good hands. With the right kind of personality in your professional environment, you can greatly improve your chances of successfully helping a client, given that they will believe you are the perfect person for the job and have unstoppable confidence in your abilities.

Be Likable!

Every single piece of research that has been done has shown that one of the best determining factors when it comes to the success that the client will have is whether or not they like the hypnotist as a person. Be likable! when you are, your clients are going to love coming back to see you and they’ll also love giving you referrals as well. Be cordial and never argue with your clients, keeping a positive attitude at all times. This single thing will go a long way with you and make sure that the clients not only like you, but actually have better sessions since they will feel like they are in good hands.

Project Unstoppable Confidence 

From the very first time that you meet a client, they should feel like you are going to be the ideal person to help them with their problems. They should have a constant stream of signals showing them that you are the perfect fit, with the best source of this being the confidence that you display towards them when you are meeting with them.

One thing that hypnotists in training are always reminded of is that “hypnosis is a game of confidence.” Without having confidence in you, there is no game to play, though. Fortunately for you, this is one thing that you have a lot of control over if you know what you are doing. Anytime your client asks a question, you should confidently answer them and let them know that you know for a fact that you can help them. Never hesitate to tell them that whatever they are having issues with won’t be a problem for you. You are, after all, a professional. You should be presenting yourself as such at every chance you get.

Think about saying things like: ”Of course! We deal with that kind of problem all the time.” This lets them know that you are in control and that you are confident you’ll be capable of anything. These are simply routine issues you are working on, right?

With these two things in mind, you’ll greatly increase your clients’ confidence in you, thereby increasing your chances of success. The more they believe in you, the more they will believe in the kinds of changes that they can make to themselves. By simply being likable and having the right amount of confidence, you’ll be much better off once you start building an actual relationship with the client.

When Relaxing Hypnosis Becomes a Relaxing Nap

When realxing hypnosis becomes a relaxing nap - approved

Hypnosis can be one of the most relaxing things that you ever undertake, so it only makes sense that sometimes your clients can doze off and take a short nap during a session. This is most commonly a problem that you’ll face during afternoon sessions, but nevertheless it is something that you’ll have to learn how to deal with in the right way.

Before The Session

Before the session with your client, you should be sure to remind them of a few things if they look sleepy. If they seem more tired than usual, remind them that if they fall asleep they are going to miss the entire session and have to pay $125+ dollars for a nap they could have taken at home for free.

If you have a lot of sleepy patients, you can give them inspirational material in the waiting room that will get them excited about the possibilities, rather than giving them old magazines to read that will likely only put them to sleep. Inspiration can go a long way when you are trying to keep sleepy clients awake!

If You Suspect Your Client Falls Asleep

If you are suspecting that your client has fallen asleep, you should keep your level of speech and cadence regular and simply ask for a response without startling them. You might think about instilling finger signals in your clients as a way to give yes and no answers. This is easy to add to hypnotic suggestion and it can be a great way to find out if they are actually asleep. If you don’t have an answer, they have fallen asleep.

What About Snoring?

Snoring isn’t always a sign of falling asleep, since it is primarily caused by a simple relaxation in the throat. If they are snoring, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are asleep. You should, however, still ask for a response anyway just to be sure. Without being sure, you might be giving a hypnosis session to a sleeping client that you weren’t aware of.

Stay On Time

You should also make sure that you stay on time with your appointments. Sometimes you are going to run long, but you should be mindful of your clients time and understand that the longer you go the more relaxed they will be and the greater the chance that they are going to fall asleep. This is also important because your clients will have a schedule to keep in their own life, so they don’t need to fall asleep for an extra thirty minutes in a session that they aren’t getting any benefit out of anyway.

Your clients are going to fall asleep on you from time to time, that much is simply unavoidable. If you know how to handle it in the right way, however, it won’t be much of a problem. You can gently alert them and keep them engaged without relaxing them too much, although this is an art form of sorts that you have to learn as you go.

What Should You Do The First Time You Meet A Client?

What Should You Do The First Time You - Approved

The very first time that a client comes into your office for a session, you are going to have to make a great first impression. Without making the first time count, you’ll risk losing a great potential client. That is precisely why it is so important to greet the client and handle the pre-hypnosis interview in the perfect way.

 The Pre-Hypnosis Interview

During the pre-hypnosis interview, you are going to be getting a feel for your client, but you are also going to be sized up by the client at the same time. They are going to be wondering if you are the right person for the job and they will be unsure until they have developed the right confidence in you, and that starts from the very first moment that you meet them.

When you conduct your pre-hypnosis interview, you should make sure that you cover all of your bases. If you have taken care of the intake form properly, you won’t have much more to ask them about their medical history, but you can get a better feel for what they want and what they have in mind for your hypnosis sessions. Pay attention to the wording that they use, since this is the most critical time and they might not be ready to fully open up about their problems, having just met you.

 Be Sure To Greet The Client!

With that in mind, it is easy to see why the first time you meet them you’ll have to make the best impression possible. There are certainly days where you would like to sit back, relax, and have a secretary bring the clients into the office, where you are waiting, but that is never the best idea. That is especially true the first time that they come into your office.

The much better idea, instead of just sitting behind your desk and waiting, is to get up and greet the client yourself. This also has the benefit of giving you a chance to survey the client while they are patiently waiting in your waiting room. How are they sitting? Do they look tired and hunched over? Grumpy? Whatever kind of appearance they have when you meet them in the waiting room, you can better assess what kind of session you are going to have once you get into your office.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to greet your client and understand that the pre-hypnosis interview is the time for you to size up the client as well as vice versa. With the right attention paid at the very first meeting, you’ll have a much easier time as you start moving through the sessions. Once the real work starts, you’ll be happy that you made the right move on the first day that they walked into your office.